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The J stands for 'Just can't think of a good tagline right now.'



Death by Mannequin Challenge

A prophetic Vincent Gallo showed us the potential dangers of viral video trends in the 1998 movie, Buffalo 66.

Sam Neill Hates Computors


I was so inspired by seeing these two actors immortalised in this awesome meme, which Sam Neill described as “stomach churning,” that I felt compelled to take it even further. This short video pays homage to a classic movie while capturing the essence of Sam’s feelings towards one of my favourite topics, Jeff Goldblum memes.

And if you’re wondering how I managed to perfectly match the mise en scène of this classic movie scene in my own living room…

Sandpaper and a red bandana.

Copywriter London

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Is it just me, or does the soundtrack for the new Star Wars trailer sound like it needs a squirt of WD40?

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