Castaway: Thank god someone finally came! I’ve been stranded here for 6 years.

Captain: Oh my god! You poor soul. Tell us, how have you survived all this time?

Castaway: Food here is actually pretty plentiful, but lately I’ve been kind of forgetting to eat, that’s why I’m so skinny. I have better clothes, I‘ve just been sort of wearing these tattered pants every day ‘cause… I don’t know, it’s comfortable I guess.

Captain: I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.

Castaway: Well, It’s been extremely hard to self motivate, especially the last few months. Sometimes I gather sticks, and I know I should rub them together to make fire, but I find myself looking for any excuse to avoid the task.

Captain: Ok, well, we’re going to get you out of here now.

Castaway: The other day, I was looking at the sticks, and I knew I should rub them together to make fire, but the longer I avoided rubbing the sticks together, the worse I felt about myself, like I don’t deserve to be warm, you know what I mean?

Captain: You don’t have to worry about that now, help is here.

Castaway: There are these predatory animals that come out to hunt at night. I started building a perimeter fence around my camp, but I never finished it, that was another big blow to my self esteem. I just think I need to set myself more achievable goals, at least for now.

Captain: Let’s get you aboard the ship.

Castaway: I try to exercise at least once a week, the endorphins are supposed to help with mood, but I find it doesn’t last. Even when the predatory animals are looking at me I just feel like I’m not in the present moment.

Captain: Yes, it sounds like quite an ordeal.

Castaway: I sent a message in a bottle, but I just wrote ‘everything’s fine’, I haven’t really been up for talking to anyone lately.

Captain: Alright, let’s go.

Castaway: You know what’s weird, I feel like I’ve been sitting on this beautiful beach drinking coconuts for 6 years, and I never took the time to appreciate it. I just worried about all the sticks I had to rub together and whether or not I was being my best self.

Captain: Is there anyone you’d like us to call?

Castaway: No, but could you see if anyone txt me? Don’t actually open the app so it shows the blue ticks to say the message has been read, but just see what they’re saying.