Ever since I read Without Feathers I’ve been a massive Woody Allen fan, or as we’re now known,  Woody Allen Sympathisers. I wrote this short screen play at the hight of my Woody Allen fandom and for extra pretension points, I even hunt-and-pecked the whole thing on an Olympia portable typewriter, just like the one Woody has used to write everything he has ever written, from Shouts and Murmurs pieces for the New Yorker to Oscar winning screenplays.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.10.16.png

One downside of using a typewriter is I haven’t been able to put this script online or do anything to it since I wrote it, and during the elapsed time, Woody’s legacy as a writer has been somewhat overshadowed by his shady personal goings-on. But I finally got around to scanning it, so here it is for the first time, warts and all. The influence should be quite clear, and I challenge you to read this and not picture the king creep himself as the protagonist.


Read it here: Death. A Romantic Comedy

*Side note – The character Liz is an age appropriate, consenting adult.