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The J stands for 'Just can't think of a good tagline right now.'

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Is it just me, or does the soundtrack for the new Star Wars trailer sound like it needs a squirt of WD40?

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The Leftovers season 3 episode 1 review


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Depressed Castaway

Castaway: Thank god someone finally came! I’ve been stranded here for 6 years.

Captain: Oh my god! You poor soul. Tell us, how have you survived all this time?

Castaway: Food here is actually pretty plentiful, but lately I’ve been kind of forgetting to eat, that’s why I’m so skinny. I have better clothes, I‘ve just been sort of wearing these tattered pants every day ‘cause… I don’t know, it’s comfortable I guess.

Captain: I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.

Castaway: Well, It’s been extremely hard to self motivate, especially the last few months. Sometimes I gather sticks, and I know I should rub them together to make fire, but I find myself looking for any excuse to avoid the task. Continue reading “Depressed Castaway”

When future historians scroll back through twitter, they’ll call this the days of *you’re

INT. DEVELOPMENT HELL. NIGHT. [Passengers spoilers]

Death by Mannequin Challenge

A prophetic Vincent Gallo showed us the potential dangers of viral video trends in the 1998 movie, Buffalo 66.

Paper Cutout Dress Up Dave

dave cutoutsquare

I made this cutout doll for the header on my new site, with some accessories to show off the types of things I’m into. I thought I’d post the full size version in case you wanted to play dress-up.

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I’m currently working on…

A couple of articles for Cracked, I won’t say what they are about yet, but I am reading a lot of academic psychology papers and rewatching all of Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies through a microscope.

Blonkers [Mashup]

Smooth sexy mashup of Tyler the Creator’s Yonkers / Diana Krall’s Blackbird. Created in Djay app for iPhone during a relatively short commute. Light a couple of dozen candles, pour a glass of wine, hit play and have a threesome with a f##king triceratops.

megs hen

Quick design for a friends hen night invite. There’s a clue to the secret location hidden within the image.

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